New Plans for the Future

As of now, my hubby and I have 2 home based business , one is a mini store which mostly sells cup noodles, coffee and biscuit. And the other one is a prepaid load center. Were planing on adding another home based business, but cant quite decide on what type of business will it be. The original plan was to put up a computer shop, but our budget is not quite enough for now. Or, instead of adding another, we could just expand one of the existing business that we have or both. Hmmm, we’ll just probably talk about it and hopefully agree on something later.

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  1. That sounds good. Not having a sufficient budget is not a big problem. You can always find ways to sort it out. Besides, you already have 2 existing home based business which can help you save up for your next business plan. A computer shop is a good home based business but I think and I agree that it may cost you some money. Best of luck for the both you.

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