New Moon Extended Trailers!

Twilight fanatics! I’m not sure if you all have watched this, but this definitely is a must see (and an ultimate teaser…)

Jacob and Bella… Now before all you Team Edward slap the consciousness out of me, let me just clearly explain that I’m BOTH Team Edward and Team Jacob (but honestly, I think Taylor is hotter than Rob – okay RPat fans can kill me now. LOL :laugh:)

Anyways, here is a freaking 14-second clip – yes it’s freaking short! ARGH! I want more! – Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer:

************ UPDATE **************
I found some great stuff that Twilight Die Hard fans like me ought to see (more trailers!)

And this I got from Metacafe, I guess this is in French:

I also found some pictures online, just go this site.

By the way, I took this picture few months ago in SM Manila, apparently New Moon will be shown not on November 20, but on the 25th… *Sigh*

New MoonNew Moon 2

Disclaimer: These videos are NOT MINE, I merely got them from Youtube and Metacafe. I’m really not sure if I’m violating anything here, but if so, please leave me a message by emailing me at mymars17[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. omgosh..I can’t wait..after watching this clip, I’m just drooling for think Jacob is hot!!So is Edward..I’m with you on both’m definitely going to see it with my daughters!

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