New Family Business

My mom and I have been talking about opening up a small karinderia near our lodging business, at first we were thinking of opening one right inside our lodging business since a lot of our customers are asking for foods and drinks, however, my dad said that it’s not really advisable to open one inside the lodging area since there have been cases of fire accidents, and also, the city hall peeps will surely ask for additional payment for that… :neutral:

My hubby and I also talked about this idea as well, and he approved of it as well. I really like the idea of a food business since I did graduate HRIM, Major in Hospitality Management, so first, we already have a small lodging business, and now we’re planning to open a little eatery for people around Recto. Of course, we will be catering customers in our lodging business as well — we can take their orders and deliver them right in front of their room! Now that’s service! :idea:

It was actually unfortunate for us because there was an old eatery FEW STEPS, and I do mean few steps like around 50 steps or less away from our lodging business, which was about to close because the owner plans to retire, the location is really great for food busines, it was right in the corner of 2 busy streets, and the place was being sold for only 15K! But we were too late. When my mom went back, the owner said that someone already bought the place. :cry: It was definitely a let go of an opportunity… So now we were hoping that there is another window of opportunity for an eatery business. Wish us luck peeps! :!:

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