Need Advice On 1st Birthdays

Dear mommies and readers,

I am having doubts on how to celebrate my baby Julie’s upcoming first birthday this coming July 14. I want to be special AND affordable. My husband and I were thinking of doing that party at a McDonald’s. He thinks that it is less hassle and less effort as well.

My mom, on the other hand, who has been hosting parties ever since I was a baby, wanted to do it the traditional way. Having the party in our house, cooking our own food, setting up our own tables, washing the plates and cleaning up the mess ourselves. My husband doesn’t want that much work.

I, unfortunately, am torn between 2 decisions – to have it in McDonald’s or to have it here in our place. I asked my cousin-in-law just a while ago about her experience in hosting her kids’ birthday parties in Jollibee and she told me that she spent around 12K for the older daughter, and around 10K for the youngest one. My mom told me that if we would host the party here in our house, it would cost almost the same (around 10K or so). My husband told me that the package offered in McDonald’s cost a maximum of 150+ per person, and if we invited 30 people, that’s 5K+ (which is half the cost of my cousin-in-law’s party). But of course, I wouldn’t really know unless I ask McDonald’s myself.

If ever I decided to have it in McDonald’s, I wanted the fastfood to have a playground for the kids. It’s really not a suitable place to have a children’s party especially if the place is small and doesn’t have a place to let the children wander and play with their friends.

Any insights? I really need some comments and suggestions. Please help!

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  1. Hi mommy…for the traditional way is more memorable than in mcdonald.although kids will enjoy it in mcdonald which you can also do it at your house.and celebrating at home is less expensive than in any restaurant.and if you celebrate at home you have the choice which kind of food to serve.and you are the one who will plan for everything.kinda exciting…

  2. for me its better if you celebrate it in your house at least you can handle the time 🙂 maybe pay for someone who will clean the mess.

    in fastfoods,you will pay them for 6k and its only for 4 hrs only i think.and your baby is so young,wont appreciate those things..

    advance happy bday to your baby *wink

  3. I wish I could help. I have done mine mostly at home or at a local park. I have to agree though that having outside your house has some great benefits…especially the mess. The first two times we had it in our house, we had blue cake icing and fingerprints everywhere. At least at the park, the kids had fun and there was a pavillion. The cleanup was easy, mostly everything was disposable! Good luck with the planning!

  4. hiya! 🙂 thank you so much everyone for these comments… so far, I’ve learned that:

    more memorable, convenient, and longer hours (yesha, i didn’t know there was a time limit! >_< ) not to mention that I could use disposables for easier clean up! =) FASTFOOD:
    less mess, but the baby won’t appreciate it YET.

    Any other comments? Or violent reactions? I could really need some help with this…. This will be the first party that I will ever hold for my baby, and I don’t want to mess it up. So help wanted! 😀

  5. oh my, julie’s turning 1 already. ^^,

    julie can enjoy kiddie parties in fastfood restaurants when she gets older; when she can invite her own friends na. 😉


  6. I’ve done both kinds of parties and I’ve found that everyone has a better time when it’s home. It may be more effort, but it is worth it.

  7. hi shobs! hmmm maybe you’re right. she can invite her friends when she gets a bit older…

    hey tammy! how about financially? what was more cost efficient? thanks! 🙂

  8. I think you’ll get to save more money if you host your party at home. Imagine, if you only serve the same food like they do in Mcdonald’s, fries, chicken , spaghetti,,it’ll really turn out cheaper. You can use your extra money to buy some candies and small toys to put in the party bags and of course, the cake and balloons and other stuff. I love hosting parties for my kids.. if you ahve time you can check my post about my daughter’s 4th bday party

  9. I’ve never prepared a children’s party before, but based on my experience, I guess I’m also voting for home parties. It’s usually makes the occasion more meaningful and at least you’d have control over the budget, the food and drinks, the time, the decor and the like. Home is where you find all the people you love, and where you feel most safe.

    It may seem a lot of work, but that’s usually what makes it more memorable. Planning it yourself/ with your family, personalizes the event to exactly how you want it and for how much, plus it gives a lot bonding time for you and your family (who I am sure are willing to lend you a hand).

    Anyway, the way I understand it, 1 year old parties aren’t really made for the babies who can’t appreciate them yet, but more for the parents and their guests.

    If you need me, I’ll be ever so willing to help out 😀 Take care and Good Luck!

  10. Hello Maricel, i have tried both with my two kids and I also prefer a home party nung 1 year old pa lang sila kasi di pa nman nila ma appreciate ang party sa fastfood. but you should explain syempre sa husband mo na may mga disposable plates and cups naman ngayon so that you will both agree sa
    magiging decision nyo if ever you choose home party.

    When my kids turned 7, sila na ang nangulit na mag party sa McDo/Joliibee. They have classmates and friends to invite na kasi =)

  11. thanks lalaine! It seems that everyone is in favor of doing the party in the house… hmmm, but of course, I will have to contemplate more about this. Hehehe! 😛

  12. thanks Kat for that insight! yeah… I guess I need to host the party here. But of course, I will need to talk with my husband about this. >_<

  13. @mommy elvz: hahahha! LOL! grabe everyone is voting for home party! and sabagay, I can talk to my hubby about this naman. ^_^

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