Name Change – The Journey To SSS

Yesterday, I went to SSS Binondo Branch to finally change my name from Maricel Tan to Maricel Waniwan, and declared my baby Julie Rayne as a dependent. It was actually my 2nd time to visit this branch because during my first visit, they told me that they needed a Certified True Copy of my marriage contract and not the original one. It was really annoying because they never specified that. So I had to wait for a week or so just to able to get my CTC of marriage contract from NSO Helpline, which sends the document straight to your home.

So anyways, as soon as I got my CTC of marriage contract, I went to SSS again. Again, I had another conflict. They told me that they needed the stamped copy of my baby Julie Rayne’s birth certificate. Good thing I had that with me and photocopied it immediately.

At long last, after 14 months of being married, I finally got my name changed at SSS!

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