My Take on Kho and Halili Case

I know that this issue is somewhat a bit passe, but this scandal / controversy has been bugging the radio and other media thus is the only news that is quite interesting to tackle, thanks to its dramatic approach in the senate.

Honestly, being a curious person, I’ve downloaded the Hayden – Katrina scandal few days before the hearing, and quite frankly, if it wasn’t because of the title, I wouldn’t even recognize the actress since the scene took place in a dark room, comparing to Maricar Reyes’ scandal with Hayden which was clearer, and with that, I wonder why Maricar didn’t file any complain in her case…

Anyway, personally I think that this issue is starting to get out of hand, although I would understand completely how Katina feels on being publicly embarrassed, and I feel terribly sorry for her, but I think that this should not be taken much weight compared to other problems our country is facing. The hearing could be a private session with the senate. Don’t you see? Our senate is doing their best to resolve this issue, but what about the REAL problems that the country is facing? Don’t they do anything about it?

And one more thing, Hayden has already admitted to his mistakes and is ready for any punishment for the sex videos and scandals, but thanks to his mom, another issue was brought up — Katrina Halili being a drug addict and pusher. Oh when will this stop?

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