My Sense of Fashion

When I was young, most of my aunts thought that I was a tomboy for the reason that I preferred men’s clothing like big t-shirts, and those cool baggy pants instead of the usual skinny jeans or dresses usual teenagers would wear when shopping on a mall. But honestly, the main reason why I love big and baggy pants is they’re comfy and there are more pockets! 😀 You don’t see girls wearing tight jeans with a lot of items in their pockets now do you? That wouldn’t look cool… Anyways, I was looking for pictures of baggy pants and saw this at deviantart.

baggy pants

*drool over that pants* Anyways, just for the record, I’m no tomboy. *wink*

2 Replies to “My Sense of Fashion”

  1. Haha, your blog seriously fasinates me and its a great way for me to keep me updated about you!
    With tight jeans, for me its a more of a love/hate relationship lol, i put my shit in my bag haha, thats another reason for girls to buy useless and expensive products.

    Much loveeeeee.
    you’re lovely cousin. x

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