My Second Week At Work

I love my second week! Although I feel like it made my mind explode from information overload, I got to say, it was super interesting. Who wouldn’t be interested with DELL top-of-the-line laptop and computer products? As an internet addict, a gamer, and a mom, DELL computers and laptops are THE BEST! I’m not saying this because I work to sell DELL products, but I really droooooooled when I saw their desktops and laptops.

My second training (after the communications training) was the product knowledge training which will last for, I believe, three weeks. For my first week, I was taught the computer components, and networking. It actually was a good timing because I wanted to learn on how to set-up a router. Good thing that my training taught me how to. Also, we were asked to be familiar with our company’s website…

Another thing that made me really interested, and not to mention excited with our product training, is because we will be given a tour around our demo lab to get a feel on the high-end products that Dell has to offer – including hard core gamers’ computers. Our trainer even told us that we can play games such as Call of Duty 4 on our breaks when we already go live (which means that we are already taking in chats – remember I’m on a chat account?). I really can’t wait to have my hands on top of those computers! I will surely drop my jaws when I get to use them, not to mention play with them. ^_^ Actually, learning about the latest technology from Dell makes my laptop and desktop PC’s look like trash. YIKES! Now I want those PCs…. =(

I know you’re jealous now…. 😛 If you wish to have a feel on those computers and selling them like me, then I can refer you to my account. Just tell me okay? ^_^ By the way, this is open for Manila areas only. =)

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