My Pending Payments

I would like to say thanks again to those who joined my blog party, and my birthday contest, and I know I promised 50 EC credits to all my blog party attendees and 50 EC credits to all who joined my birthday contest but since Entrecard is restricting a 14 EC sendings a week, I still have these pending payments to:

50 EC for blog party attendees:
Euroangel-Euro Travel
Race My Crossroads

50 EC for birthday contest:

Also, for 1st place winner of my birthday contest, ($15 and 500 EC), I still need your paypal email and your EC profile link so that I can send you your price! ^_^

I made this post first to apologize to everyone in this list if I wasn’t able to send you all your EC credits yet due to the fact that EC is only allowing 14 times of sending EC’s in a week… But I’ll make sure that I’ll send you all the EC credits. As for the 1st place winner, I still need your paypal email address and your EC profile link. Just send your info to my email address mymars17[at]gmail[dot]com.


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