My Ocean Park Adventure

I just went to Manila Ocean Park a while ago with my hubby, little brother, my uncle and my auntie. It was a very heart pounding experience considering that it will be my first time to finally go to an ocean park to see the other world out there – THE OCEAN.

Remember Finding Nemo? Well it made me feel that I am part of the ocean. As I see the different freshwater fishes, starfishes (which you can actually touch!), saltwater fishes, stingrays, eels, sharks, etc…

There was this underwater tunnel that was the main attraction. It’s as if you are in the water with the fishes, it was like you can already touch the fishes if not only for the glass in between you and the “ocean”. It was actually fortunate for us to see a diver feeding the fishes and the stingrays. It was such a sight! I stayed there for a good 10 minutes maybe just watching the diver feeding the stingrays. I didn’t know that stingrays can be so gentle! Although it reminded me of Steve Irwin, and how unfortunate his death was. May his soul rest in peace.

Anyways, there was this really big grouper. It was so big that his face was as big as twice my fist and its body was huge! Big for a fish! YIKES! But it was great to see a big grouper. My uncle told me that it was already old, and it did look old.

I wasn’t able to bring my digicam since it doesn’t have batteries, and the invitation was abrupt. My uncle called up and invited us to go. So I wasn’t even able to stop by the nearest store to buy triple A batteries. Oh well. I promise to go back there when the construction is fully done, and of course I will bring baby Julie with me this time. =) (She was sleeping when my uncle called…)

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