I appointed (appointed talaga?) one of the Telus Gym trainers to take care of my ab exercises and make sure to convert my waist line from 30 (ewww!!!) back to at least 25, he’s currently nearing the target (we measured my waist line few days back and got 27! YIPEE!!!), which means we’re around 2 inches to go, unless few inches were added back from eating this weekend. 😛

I suddenly remembered about one of my gym mates telling me about his previous boss taking Xenical as one of his weight loss products, and honestly, I’m planning on taking this, however, I went to Xenical’s website, and based from the body mass computation, I don’t really need to take Xenical to lose weight! I think with just the proper exercise and a balanced diet, we can get my waist to less than 25! Awwwooo!!!!!! ^_^

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