My First Holy Week Vacation

Yep! It is indeed my first! Whenever Holy Week comes, I never had a chance to go out of my house during Holy Week, but yesterday was my first time to have an actual vacation on a Holy Week.

My family and friends went to my hubby’s province – Nasugbu, Batangas. We had a swim on the nearby beach and rented ourselves a cottage. I took some pictures but mostly of views around. I took quite a few photos because I forgot to bring extra batteries…

In the next picture, you will see my mom embarking a “bangka” (small boat). We all rode in the small boat to get ourselves to the beach area.

Here is a picture of my baby Julie Rayne and my mother-in-law in the small boat.

We are fast approaching the beach area…

The beach…

And of course… ME!

Not too much pictures eh? 😉 I just loved the views. I wish to have more vacations like this next time!

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