My First Ever Pixel Art

I have always been a frustrated web designer and I must say that somehow I manage to keep up even though I keep changing my mind on my blog’s layout. As I was browsing for a “fresh” WordPress theme / template that I can use for this blog, I stumbled upon different cute websites featuring pixel arts which inspired me to create my own pixel art. I almost purchased one but I decided not to, and just learn the basics and would go from there. I searched for different tutorials, and after gruesome hours, I managed to come up with this:

I’m not taking credit on the base that I used though (thanks Kawaii Hannah!!!). Once and for all, I’ll be creating a new theme for my blog which would feature pixel arts, which is why this blog has not been update for almost 2 weeks! Yikes!

Comment is very much welcome and I would like to know your opinions. ^_^ Thanksies!


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