My Family’s Financial Status

My payday is every 5th and 21st of the month, so that means that I just got my salary last Sept. 5. I’m really glad that I’ve worked on a call center because ever since then, even though that it drains my energy out, I am able to save up for our future uses. I am not having any problems with my baby’s needs anymore, and I can even help out with my mom’s grocery too! I feel so relieved that I am able to help my family and my parents with my salary and with my blogging income too. It’s not really that much but at least I’m gaining my pride back. And also thanks to my little loading income, I am able to save up quite enough to meet all my family’s needs. I’m just glad that I’m able to cope up now. I just wish that there are no unplanned events like sickness or accidents, which of course we don’t want. Anyhow, just glad I regained my pride back. =)

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