My Cubbing Life

It has been so long since I started playing with the Rubik’s Cube, and I must say that I’m getting better and better. I’m not bragging but I’m just happy that I am able to solve the cube for no more than 3 minutes. When I started learning to solve the cube using the beginner’s way, it usually took me around 5 minutes or more just to solve it. Although I am not a fast “cuber” like a friend of mine – who by the way, can solve the cube in a minute or so, at least I am proud to say that I can solve it in less than 3 minutes! It’s a big improvement!

If you wish to learn how to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube, just go to youtube and search for “badmephisto” and click on his “How to solve the Rubik’s Cube: Beginner’s Method [part 1/3]”. It’s a 3-part tutorial, but it is really worth it! Trust me. And if you feel confident enough to step up another level, try the F2L (first 2 layers), a quite a bit advanced method, which I’m trying to master now. ^_^

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  1. I love paying the Rubik’s cube too! although my BF (now my hubby) introduced me to it back in 2002 🙂

  2. Rubik’s cube is something that takes my mind off the problem at least for a while. Glad that you play the Rubik’s cube too! =)

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