My Baby Turned 6 Months Today!

My baby’s 6 months old!!! She’s getting bigger and cuter each day! She knows how to ask me or other people to carry her. You’ll know if she raises her two arms and stretches them out to you. But the thing is, she’s very persistent when it comes to carrying her. If she wants you to carry her, you MUST carry her, or she’ll shout and cry like hell. LOL. She also plays more often now than drink her milk. Yikes! But I think this is normal for babies, and I do want my baby to be normal.

baby Julie

But I’m happy that she’s a healthy girl. She did get sick once but it was just a minor runny nose, and it didn’t last that long. That time I learned how to massage her body with ointment. It felt good both to her and me, and it felt much better when I saw her smile after that. My baby’s smile just took away all my worries and tiredness from the day’s routine.

I’m just glad everything turned out quite better than I expected, except for my husband’s work. Glad that Baby Julie Rayne came to my life. I love you baby Julie!

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