Mr. Bean Saves the Day

Julie is very fond of Mr. Bean, literally. It’s like she has this built in alarm clock that tells her that it’s time for Mr. Bean’s show. She’s just 2 years old and doesn’t even know how to tell what time it is, so it’s actually amazing and freaky at the same time. We went out of town last week and there was no cabled tv there, meaning no Mr. Bean. So when her built in alarm clock went off, she took the remote and started to channel surf. When she wasn’t able to find the right channel, the pain and agony began. She starts nagging endlessly, saying the name over and over again… Mr. Bean!!! Mr. Bean!!! Mr. Bean!!! Mr. Bean!!! Mr. Bean!!! Luckily one of the neighbor has a dvd of Mr. Bean’s movie. It was only after seeing Mr. Bean on the tv screen that she stopped nagging and sat quietly. She loves the part where Mr. Bean uses one of the hand dryers inside the restroom to dry his pants although we’re really not sure why. Shortly after that, she fells asleep contented that she’s able to watch her favorite Mr. Bean.

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