I have been thinking of looking for our own place for my little family… somewhere very near my parent’s place (here), not because my parents don’t want us here, but only because I feel guilty of having my parents spend for all household bills which my family incurs, these include water bills, electricity bills, food (including gas tanks used for cooking, ingredients, etc). You see, my family do not pay for anything here in my parent’s house that’s why I want to move out… But I can’t seem to convince myself that it will eventually happen. So as early as now, I am thinking of looking for a place to stay near my parent’s house… I envy those who are able to rent or purchase mobile homes, at least these are movable so if in case my parents decide to look for a new place, I can just bring the house with me, much like a turtle. 😉

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  1. Good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for. Have you thought about just offering to help pay for something things at your parents place at least until you can find something if you really do want to move out?

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