Movietime and Popcorn

The weather is starting to cool down and it is a perfect proof that summer is almost about to say goodbye. Some families are making the most of what is left of it and are going on their last trip or escapade for the season, and then there are some who are just simply enjoying having long hours of bonding with their loved ones and children before the new school year opens.

As for this mom, who is constantly on the move having to juggle motherhood and a full time career, not to mention a busy online life, too, I found one perfect activity that makes for a great bonding time for me and my adorable children – movie time! If I have time and budget, and if there is a family-friendly movie showing at the nearby mall, I make it a point to whisk my family of four for a quick yet enjoyable family activity. I pick movies that are suitable not just for my pre-teen but for my youngest, as well. We would either opt for a Disney film or whatever cartoons is showing at the moment. Everyone enjoys a nice film and it is one of our favorite activities as a family.

If there are no kid friendly movies in the local cinema, we just simply watch old movies at home. Enjoying a movie in the comfort of our own living room is quite a relaxing activity, too. All that is probably missing are popcorn supplies at and we can pretend we have our own movie house right here. And we do not even have to wait in long lines or pay much to get the best seat!

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