Monthly Period Finally!

Remembered my “Wish List For the Next Salary” post? I had there vitamins, groceries, router, my check-up, and my baby Julie’s check-up right? Well, it seems that I already got my router, and I’m actually using it right now to do this post! 😉

Anyways, this post will be for the “My own check-up with the OB-Gyne (It seems that I still don’t have my monthly period after the D&C)” wishlist. Good news to me! I don’t need to go to my OB-Gyne anymore! I just had my first monthly period after my D&C a while ago! That’s almost 2 months after! YIKES! I never knew that I had to wait that long for the monthly period to come. At least I already have it. The whole reason why I wanted to have a check-up with my OB was because I had the fear of being pregnant again! Not that I don’t want a baby again, it’s just that I’m not really ready to have another one yet. I do want a my baby Julie Rayne to be a sister someday, but not now. I want to make sure that we’re financially ready for it. =)

So no more added expense for the check-up! Hurray!

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