Okay, I know I haven’t post much about what has been happening around my little world, so I’m dedicating this post for any updates that I want to share. *yes – ANY updates, meaning it’s M-I-X-E-D, no specific topic whatsoever. * Ready? Here goes nothing…

==== WORK ====

I still have shift being a chat agent, and I still have to wait for any messaging from the upper peeps, especially from our operations manager for us (yes I’m not the only one who got the job :cute:) to be pulled out. We are actually excited to start the job and we are hoping that we could start soon. :yes: Others told me that it may take few weeks… I’m not really in a hurry or something, just excited. 😛

Also, for the first time in my whole entire career life, I had to call in sick not because I was dead sick, but I just needed to sleep… Lazy? Not really. Here’s the story:

I filed for a 2 day vacation leave for my baby’s birthday, but was declined… 😥 So I thought of waiting for my rest days instead (which usually are 2 consecutive days) to do the birthday party, but to my amaze, command center (or whoever is in charge of scheduling and manning) gave me a freaking split off (Sunday and Wednesday), so I had no choice but to absent myself from work after my baby Julie’s party since I didn’t experience any sleep after work…  Look at it this way… the routine would be: work from 10pm to 7am – go home to help out with the preparations – party which was around 4pm onwards – then work, that’ll definitely make me a walking zombie. So I opted to skip work for the first time and had my rest. I guess there always is a first time for everything…

Confession: Absent is a drug and is undeniably addicting. Good thing I only used it once and will never use it again unless necessary. 😆

Thanks to FaceBook, I got to know the latest buzz about the work place too. 😛 2 of my girl office mates are expecting their babies, and 2 of my guy office mates are expecting their babies too! Yep they are 2 pair of couples. Congrats to you guys! :cheer: Somehow, I’m a bit jealous. LOL!

==== BABY JULIE ====

As you all may already know, Julie turned 2 last July 14, 2009… You may have guessed that her name was derived from her month of birth – yes you’re right, and just for an added info, her second name “Rayne” came from the word “rain” which literally means rain. It was actually raining when I was in labor so I guess that would be self-explanatory. 😉

We basically used up all our limited savings for the party and although it was fun, honestly, I kinda felt that it was not worth the money spent. There were lots of left-overs which were either given out after the party, while some are actually still stored in our ref. Also, most guests were, well, not our close friends, most of them were my mom’s workers which I was glad to serve food to since they have helped out me and my mom a lot during the past years and counting, but one of the most disappointing thing was only one out of eight godparents came, some were busy due to work (which were understandable) while some didn’t even contacted me on why they couldn’t come… and worst of all, they were my best friends. Huh! Yeah, I guess I’m still holding grudges against them… :no:

Oh how time flies by, and I just can’t believe that my baby’s 2 now. It feels like it was just yesterday when I had her inside me and now she’s running around the house screaming with just her undies. RAWR! She’s starting to transform into the “Terrible Two” that most mommies are dreading. *sigh* And just few years more, she will be starting school and the more I’ll feel uncomfortable leaving her. :mrgreen:

==== ONLINE LIFE ====

As hectic as work as can be, we agents still find time to connect and have fun via Facebook. Currently, I’m VERY addicted to 3 applications (games actually) – Farm Town, Farm Ville, and Restaurant City. I’m doing some ingredient trading as of the moment. I’m gonna do a separate post on what ingredients I have and what ingredients I need. 🙂

So there! That’s my not-too-long update. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :cheer:

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  1. hope you are feelin better!

    by the way, i am also a filipino chinese mom 🙂 married to a non chinese…

    how about you? have a great day!

    p.s. add me on your facebook 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I’m also a mom who works in a call center. You are so right about “absence” being addictive. I know exactly what your talking about. 😆


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