I can’t wait for my mom to come back home from Zamboanga. I know, some might think that it’s weird for me to wish my mom with me, but honestly, I miss her, now that she’s not around the house. Yeah, she might not be the best mom that a daughter could wish for, but I think she’s best for me.

I just realized that my mom’s a special person right after I became a mom myself. I got to know how hard and challenging it is to be one. She might be the worst when it comes to parties and gatherings since she’s the type of person who wants to get the attention (she’d talk to anyone, literally!), but I think there’s something positive about that… all the people around the neighborhood, including the pedicab drivers, knows my mom! If she were to run as Barangay captain, she’d definitely win. :LOL:

I was just actually browsing the net and saw a site that offers customized shipping boxes and suddenly thought of maybe buying one for my mom so that she can use it for her pasalubongs. But I don’t think it would get to her in time since the site only caters US citizens. I’m not sure if there would be any other site that offers the same for Filipinos, but knowing our nationality, we would probably just use an old used up carton box and patch them all up to use as a shipping box. 😛

PS: I miss you mom! 😉

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