Memory Compatibility Problem

Please don’t laugh at me for this post, but I think I just want to share this experience to everyone of you, just in case it might help. 🙂

Okay, I also own a desktop computer (umm… maybe the right word should be my dad bought it for me – basically I still own it, but not from my money), which I somehow “gave” to my little brother for him to use merely for gaming purposes. Before I gave it to him, and before I got the laptop, I usually upgraded my desktop and made sure that I had the best parts, but also making sure that the budget prohibits me to (that time I was still studying and had allowances from my dad).

Anyways, there was this one time when my little brother told me that the computer totally froze, and when restarted, it wasn’t even entering the Windows XP OS anymore! It was just stuck on the black loading screen! I panicked and told my little brother not to touch it as I asked some friends for help. They came by my house one day and looked at the CPU, and you know what? The memory I bought was incompatible with the motherboard! >_< How awfully awkward. It made me feel kinda dumb but at least I learned my lesson.

So to everyone, please make sure that the parts that you buy for your computer’s upgrade is COMPATIBLE with the motherboard… okay? LOL! ^_^

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