Market! Market!

Does anyone know how to go to Market! Market! specifically to Telus? I need to go there later to get my freaking pin mailer. ARGH! I want to strangle the people at Comp & Ben office!

I texted my trainer Sir AD, explained him the situation, asked him if I will make it by 10pm if I go to Market! Market! at 9pm, and asked him if I will be considered as late. He told that I will make it, however, if I showed up in class a after 10:15pm, I will be marked as late. ='( Damn you Comp & Ben!

Haaayyy…. I need help on how to commute to Market! Market! Any help will do.


Update: Thanks Aeirin for the directions! I got there in no time! ^_^

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  1. Sis, Telus ka pa.. I used to work there nung Ambergris p sila.. Before there’s a shuttle available para sa Ambergris employee papuntang Market Market. I’m not sure kung meron pa.. San K b manggagaling?

  2. @ Tammy: I made it dear! Thanks for the concern. ^_^

    @ Aeirin: Thanks for the directions dear! 🙂

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