Maricel’s Hubby Posting

Last week my wife and i was invited by this guy who works in a Multilevel Level Marketing company, at first the only reason that i went there is because of my wife. i was worried because she doesn’t know the guy, he just called her on her cellphone and said “hey I’m a friend of April and she asked me if i could invite you to join our business meeting this coming November 8 which two weeks from now, is it ok with you?” my wife asked for my permission first and i said “yeah sure but I’m going with you.” then she said to the guy who introduced him self as Jason that ok she will be there and shes bringing her husband with her.
Two weeks past and came the 8th of November, my wife sent me a message saying that she’ll be waiting for me in front of their building. unfortunately i woke up a bit late so i replied to her message and informed her that i will be late and that she could go ahead and proceed to the meeting place and ill just meet them there. while i was in a cab going to the meeting place my cellphone rang and when i answered it Jason was on the other line saying that my wife is already there and they have already reserved a seat for me, so i said “ok ill just inform or call my wife on her cellphone when i get there so that you’ll know.” a few minutes later he called again and asked for my location (at this point i got a bit irate because i already said that ill just inform or call my wife on her cellphone when i get there so that he’ll know. I’m the type of person that hates to keep on saying the same thing over and over again) so once again i said “ill just inform or call my wife on her cellphone when i get there so that you’ll know.” when i arrived i did i said and a few minutes later we introduce our selves to each other for formalities sake. then he led me to this room where my wife is waiting for me and sat beside her. at that time there was a presentation going on so i just sat and listened. in the presentation there was a part there that a member will say his/her experience with the company and how the company works. this is not my first time to attend this type of meeting in fact this is my 3rd so i kinda understand how it works, what i really want to know is the company profile, how stable it is, its credibility, and its product. after the presentation Jason invited us to meet the rest of his group and his mentor and get to know more about the company. after that my wife and i went a restaurant (shabu-shabu) and while eating we discussed if where gonna do the business and agreed to join the company.
after that i told her that if this works out were going on a very long vacation outside the country like visit las vegas and stay in a fancy vegas hotel or a trip to tokyo disney land. hehehe but for now well just need to work hard on the business. the catch here is that in a busisness there’s always a risk, its just up to you on how you’ll gonna deal with that. if you don’t succeed on the first time its ok, don’t focus on your failures all you need to do is let it go and keep moving forward.

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  1. wow daddy! welcome to the blogging world. anyway, vegas would be fun place i guess. i haven’t been there but it would be nice to visit it someday!

  2. wow, how i wish my hubby could write a post too! hehehe! but writing is not his type, he just want to watch and watch and watch.

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