Managing Bedroom Space

Oftentimes it cannot be helped that you have a limited space for a growing family. The space you had in the beginning is still the same now but you find yourself having more children than what you had planned. Usually, it has not been planned at all. Moving to another place is not easy especially when you already bought your own house. You knew you will be staying there for good and have your children grow old in the same rooms you have given them from the start.

Rather than continually be problematic about it and regret, why not just focus on the solution? If you have two rooms for the children, you can separate the girls from the boys. If there is just one room, get them all in that room and use bunk beds so you can use the upper space. While they are still small, two kids can share in one bed. A husband and a wife can fit, how much more small children? If you put two sets side by side and have the children lie across, you can actually fit in 4 below and 4 on top without anyone falling. Yes, adults can fit this way too.

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