Making Business Safety the Main Priority

You may run a restaurant or convenience store, but safety is a universal need in all industries. From puddles on the floor to accidental electrical wire exposure, hazards arise quickly on the job. It’s the owner’s responsibility to keep up with all current safety regulations to help everyone stay healthy each day.

Computer Use and Ergonomics

Aside from proper chair types and arm posture, computer positions also require proper flooring. Many offices have carpet, making any rolling chairs difficult to move. Some employees could even topple over if the chair’s casters become lodged in the carpet. Plastic mats with relatively smooth surfaces are perfectly suited for chair movement and enhanced efficiency. Try several styles with your employees to find the best match. Some carpets are thicker than others, for instance.

Standing Positions

Whether your employees work a cash register or shipping area, standing for most of the day is taxing on the body. Concrete floors should have strategic matting laid out where workers spend most of their time. When matched with proper shoes, matting reduces strain on the bones and muscles while allowing employees to work unimpeded for most of their shift. Purchase several mats to place around the business building and see workers light up with delight.

Showroom and Dining Area Safety

Your clients deserve a safe area to shop in, so add mats designed for your showroom or dining space. If an area is prone to puddles, such as near a self-serve soda fountain, add a drainage mat for safety. Liquids drain below the mat, allowing clients to step safely on the relatively dry surface. You’ll reduce showroom or dining area accidents and potential lawsuits. Safety must be practiced for both employees and clients for a well-rounded business model.

Investing in safety gear, such as anti-fatigue matting, is crucial to any business’s reputation. However, you can’t allow these items to age too much. Even the best matting can break down over time. Always evaluate safety items once a month to verify if any items require replacement. Accidents are possible in any industry with poor or outdated safety materials.

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