Makes No Sense At All……

After a month of being absent from school my dad bought my brother a laptop, WTH!!!! He was absent because he’s sick or at least that’s what he told my dad, but he’ okay when he’s in front of my laptop and playing stick games. After a month of going back and forth to different hospitals and having him checked up by not less that 5 doctors, all the results were the same….. Negative, he’s fine, nothing’s wrong. One of the doctors even suggested my dad to have my brother see a child psychiatrist. Then yesterday my dad asked me to search the web for a car insurance quote for some unknown reason. Which had me thinking, what if my brother wants a car when he hits college “that’s if he can finish high school”, all he has to do is pretend that he’s sick for a month? Then what? My dad will go BOOM your wish is my command, abrakadabra here’s you car!?

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  1. I feel your frustration. It may seem a lot more suspicious though than actually is on your brothers end. Not like I know because this is my first reply to your blog so I don’t the circumstances surrounding your brother. But hang in there. Hopefully things will look up for you too in regards to your fathers ‘favor’ on your brother. Have a blessed day!


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