Make Your Child’s Learning at Home Enjoyable

It can be frustrating when your child comes home from school with homework and doesn’t want to do any of it. Think of your own experience with homework. You might’ve returned home and completed the assignments for your favorite subjects first and left big, frightening projects unfinished. One approach won’t meet every student’s needs. However, with some effort, you can fight against procrastination and stress.

Make the Daunting Familiar

Unfamiliar things can be scary, and difficult subjects might make children feel less intelligent. On top of these fears, kids might worry about getting bad grades. Do your best to help your child understand new topics and work that’s more challenging. Whether you work with your kid or use a tutor, introducing books, videos, or other educational aids might convey information in a way that makes it not only familiar but enjoyable. Use your child’s interests to shape homework time. If your child likes to act, for instance, come up with a comedic play to remember some math rules.

If You Do This…

Let your kid know what to expect after all of the homework is completed. Some families might choose to create a reward chart, maybe paired with a chore chart. Any kind of chart or schedule is useful for showing kids what to expect. If you don’t want to give out physical rewards, whether or not you use a chart, let your child know what to look forward to. For instance, maybe you can visit a playground after homework is completed. It might also be worth giving your child a planner. If your child starts using one in elementary school, your child might have stronger planning skills in the future.

Be a cheerleader and mentor when you can, but also be willing to ask for help. School staff, tutors, and other resources are available to help your child when you’re too busy.

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