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Looking for Elegant Cigars

April 21, 2011

I have a friend who is so fond of cigars. Yes, cigars, not cigarettes. For me, this is something of a rarity because most of the people I know feed of cigarettes and not really cigars. But I guess my friend is something kind of elegant that he wants the different kind.

Anyway, I was looking up CAO cigars online and I decided to talk to my friend about these things. I learned that cigars are still tobacco that are tightly rolled in some kind of paper, methinks, and then it is ignited so as to smoke it. Duh. Incidentally, cigars are grown en mass in Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Cameroon, the Philippines, and more! But yes, THE PHILIPPINES!

The wrappers are made out of tobacco. It is the wrapper that decides what the cigar’s character is or its flavor. Cigs are identified by color like Double Claor, Claro, Colorado, Maduro, Oscuro, etc.

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