Looking For A House

Remember my dream house? Well, I’m currently canvassing for a rent to own house just for the sake of hoping that my dream would someday come true. I found a few good options but they are far from Manila… And a lot of them are actually just right for my family’s budget, but I am actually hoping to get something that is near my parent’s house because honestly, I’m just not really ready to be physically far from them, and what I like about most were that most of these options were already furnished, and would just need a few touches as for designs. And of course, first thing that I would like a house to have is a decent FLOOR – seriously. I hate our floor right now… It’s literally covered by patched up linoleum. I would love to have it repaired but my dad told me that it will not be worth the time and money since we are just renting the place, which is why I would really want to own a house. And speaking of the dream house, I just decided that I would like to use copper sinks for a rustic yet elegant look… guess I would just like to share that thought to ya’ll. 😛

Would you know anywhere in Manila where I can find an affordable rent to own house? Please let me know! :yes:

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