Living in a Small Property – How to Optimize Storage Space

You may love your small apartment. It’s cosy and quirky and it’s just right for your needs, most of the time. But, what about when it comes to storage? This is where many people find that having a small home can be a problem; you are not the only one. It’s a fine balance between having somewhere to keep all of the books you have amassed over the years, and having the space to relax, on your own, or when friends come to visit. It’s easy for that balance to tip towards storage, and you can find yourself drowning in all the “stuff” that you own.

So, how do your optimise the storage in your bijou residence, without compromising the amount of living space that you have? There are some tips that you can try out, to help make this easier to do.

Use curtains instead of doors on cabinets

This is a really easy tip to put into action. If you have doors on the cabinets in your home, you have to take into account that you need additional space in order to open them, and get into the cabinets, when you need to retrieve items from inside.

This is not the case if you replace the doors with curtains. All you have to do is pull back the curtain, for access. If you are feeling creative, you can even print the material you use with graphics.

Do not forget the wall space

Most people gravitate towards using the floor when it comes to storage, but there is plenty of room on the walls of your home, which is often not used to its full potential. You can create your own shelving for your books. If this seems like too big a task, or you want to be even more minimalistic, why not consider wall hooks? They can be used as a place to hang bags, jewellery, hats and a myriad of other items.

Storage crates can be a cool décor item

You may not think of using storage crates in your home, but they can actually look great. You can opt to use an array of colours, to make a statement. Crates can also be stacked, so they do not take up as much floor space. This is a good idea if you are storing items which you do not need to use very often. You can even use a storage crate as a table, if you need a place to put drinks and nibbles when you have people visiting.

Why making use of shared space is important

If you have a shared exterior space, you may be able to use part of it for additional storage. For instance, if you have a parking bay allocated to you, and it’s not all taken up by a vehicle, you may be able to invest in a bike locker. Doing so means you can keep your bike outside of your apartment, thereby creating more room inside.

It’s not easy to optimise storage space in a small home, but hopefully you can see that it’s possible. You just need to be creative, and you can end up having a some fun with your storage solutions.

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