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Kawaii Kao Ani From Freeglitters.com

I can speak Chinese, but I need to polish it more for the job. I need to be able to sell using fluent Chinese (either in Mandarin or Fookien), without those added English or Tagalog words. It can be a bit difficult for me, but I have my dad (he’s pure Chinese) to help me out. I need to be like this wizard and learn fast! Oh how I wish I have the power to learn anything I want in an instant! How cool would that be?! Schools will be out of business if there is such a power… But right now, I really need to learn.

Back to studying, I miss school though…

3 Replies to “Learn More Chinese”

  1. Good for you, you know Chinese. I always wish to learn Chinese but I find it more difficult than Japanese.

  2. its good to know that ur dad is always there to help you out, goodluck in all your endeavors as a working mom sis 🙂 stay happy.

  3. yeah it is one of the most difficult language (according to my dad). :p I also like Japanese language too! 😀 I learned few of them during my college days.

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