Leaks in Your Basement

If you have leaks in your basement, you can end up with damage to your home’s foundation and stored items in the area. Whether it’s a minor or major leak, you should repair it quickly to prevent serious damage to your home. Take a look at three common things that cause a leaky basement.

Clogged Drains

A basement drain can easily get clogged from built-up dirt and debris. When the drain gets clogged, any water flowing out of the drain can back up forcing dirt, sediment and debris into the basement through the drain or cracks and seams in the floor. The first sign of a clogged drain is usually standing water in low areas of the basement floor. If you notice this, call a contractor for repairs before the situation gets worse.

Wall or Floor Cracks

Basement walls and floors, typically made of concrete, can develop cracks over time. Concrete often takes up to ten years to properly settle and shrink. As this process occurs, the basement foundation, floors and walls can develop hairline cracks that expand over time. In basements built with block walls, cracks can develop between the walls and the floor, as well as in the mortar used to hold the blocks together.

Improper Drainage

If the ground around your home’s foundation doesn’t have proper drainage, water can build up underground. If your foundation is in the path of flowing water from rain and snow, water can build up against foundation walls. Over time as your house settles, porous soil under the house will compress and sink creating a place for water to pool up around your foundation.

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