Layout For My Bestfriend

Remember the big dude wearing red that was with Hard Gay in my ToyCon post? Well he’s one of my best buds – EJ. He recently decided to have a blog of his own (finally), since he could see that I’m starting to earn from mine. But rather than the monetary reasons, he is also a writter wannabe. I did not mean that as a pun, but he is really good in writing stuffs, especially stories, and sometimes novel. So he wants to share to the world his talent by making a blog of his own.

He admitedly told me that he is not good with layouting and HTML, so of course, I was glad to help him, after all, he is my best friend! LOL! So I made a layout for him… And here is what it looked like:
Okay, I know that it looks very plain and simple, but his request was to make it simple and neat. So I granted his request, and guess what! He LOVES it, and of course, I LOVE it too! We both thought that the picture was cute and it matches his personality, not to mention his size (kidding! :P). He was so excited that he told me that he finally has a blog of his own, something that he will stick to. It made me so proud of myself. I am just as glad that he loved the layout. Hmmm… Maybe I could make layouts for free and for a small time business too? What do you think?

Oh and by the way, I will not announce EJ’s blog for the meantime, since it doesn’t contain anything yet. =) I’ll tell you guys when he starts posting. ^_^

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