Layout For My Bestfriend 2

Yesterday, I made a layout for my bestfriend EJ. Just a while ago, I made another layout for my bestfriend Domingo. Yes, both of them are my best buds, and both of them are guys. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, through hardships, through laughters, through online gamers who trash-talked me. They are my heroes. They are the ones who I usually go to whenever I was in need. I love them both. Really I do. That’s why I do whatever it takes to please them, because they have been with me for the longest time, although sometimes they piss me off (LOL), it’s normal for friends to fight, and in the end, it is always them I turn to.

So a request for a layout? It’s nothing compared to what they’ve done to make me feel that I’m someone in this world, to make me feel that life is important. Kudos to both of you! (Wow, I’m all teary eyes now! >_< )

Anyways, simple as it may seem, but here is the layout for Dom:

Hope you guys could visit him!

3 Replies to “Layout For My Bestfriend 2”

  1. Thanks Mars!! Don’t worry, I love you too. Also, this post reminds me. It’s been a while since we last played DotA. It’s time yo!!

  2. awwwww thanks 😀 touching truly touching, i know that one truly deserves everything one gets in life 😀 nothing is an accident :p

  3. Damn guys, I really love you both!

    @razaele (aka EJ): DotA yo!!! I miss playing! >_< @weakman (aka Dom): hmmm sounds like you got that from Kung Fu Panda! HAIIYYAA!!! LOL!

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