We all know that we can adjust the time of post, and for chronological purposes, I’m going to write my supposedly updates using time adjustment so that it will still look like as if it happened on that day. =P

The updates may be buried under other posts, but to make our lives easier, I’ll put a link of my updates in this post so that you’ll be able to read them! ^_^ This list will also remind me of what other topics I haven’t posted about yet. So if you don’t see any hyperlink, it means that I haven’t made a post on that particular topic yet. Please bear with me cause this is quite a lot. LOL! It has been almost two weeks since I have last updated here. =)

Without further ado, here is the list —

July 10 – Information Overload!
July 11 – Desktop Test Perfected! ^_^
July 13 – PayU2Blog and Baby Julie’s Party! *a must read!*
July 13 – Baby Julie’s Birthday Bash!!! *a must read!*
July 14 – Happy 1st Birthday Julie Rayne
July 14 – Baby Julie’s First Haircut
July 17 – Annoying Comp & Ben
July 18 – Comp & Ben Should Be Terminated!

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  1. Hi Maricel, I add your blog already. in my Blog Roll list. Where can I find my URL here? Thanks.

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