Late Night Blogging With Mars

I’ll just have a quick run-through of what’s happening around the world of Mars.

1. My body clock is starting to adjust with my husband’s schedule. Although I only sleep for 3 – 5 hours at most, I guess this is what a work-at-home mom’s life is. See that cute little orange smiley? >>> That is how I exactly feel right now…

2. I received a mail from Google! At first I thought it was a check for the Adsense, but I knew it was going to be too good to be true since I haven’t reach their minimum payout yet. When I opened the mail, it contained my PIN number, which enables payment for my account. It was really cool to actually receive a mail from a very well-known search engine!

3. I think I’m starting to like the concept of being a work-at-home mom. There is definitely money in the internet! Although it might not be the usual monthly payment from your boss, but at least it’s a big help considering that I’m only doing this in my house!

4. I’m really thinking of buying a wireless router! I’m having a hard time blogging here in our little table where the laptop is placed. Why? Because I usually do my blogging late at night and the lights are turned off with only a lampshade as my source of light. I do admit that I’m afraid of the dark, that’s why I want to use my laptop in my bed, beside my sleeping husband. At least I feel more comfortable and secure. OOOOOHHH I can see the possibilities that a wireless router can do to my lifestyle. 😛

5. Ghostwriting for a friend is a great way to earn money! Seriously. Well, it may not really pay off my internet bill (wait.. I think it can!) , but at least I’m using the internet for a greater purpose in life.

So there, I guess that’s more of an update than a blog… I’m quite busy with ghostwriting but of course, I will never abandon this blog! ^_^

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  1. it can be great but sometimes i just want to be left alone, or just have a nice spa treatment for myself (never had one). intoxicate myself.

    i think all moms should do that, intoxicate themselves! 😛

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