Late Baby Check-Up

A while ago, it was my baby’s late baby check-up. She got her third dose of Hepa B vaccine, and it costs Php850. Some of you might think that it’s expensive but believe me, that’s the cheapest vaccine that my baby got since her birth. I’m not bragging or anything for that matter. In fact, I’m starting to think if the money that I’m spending for those vaccines are well worth it… A friend of mine gets her baby checked-up in a Center and the vaccinations are for FREE, so I don’t know if I’m being stupid or just being safe.

And talking about expensive vaccination… Baby Julie is scheduled to have her pneumonia vaccines when she turns 1. The pediatrician told me that it is not really the best time for the baby to take the vaccine but it is the cheapest option. The best time was supposed to be when a baby turns 2 months, but if the baby starts her pneumonia vaccinations as early as 2 months, the baby should have 4 doses. Next best thing is that when the baby turns 6 months, the doses are lessen to 3. The one that I opted for is not the best one… Baby turns 1 year old – 2 doses only. That means that before my baby turns 1 year old, she is best not to catch pneumonia.

So if I knew that what I chose was practically the risky one… Why did I opt for that? Well, truth is… Financially speaking, I cannot shell out a lot. You know how much a dose of pneumonia vaccine costs? A whooping 5 thousand! That’s PER DOSE! So if I opted for the 2 months – 4 doses one, I’d be shelling out 20 THOUSAND PESOS for one type of vaccine only! YIKES!

So I guess what I chose is the logically right choice…

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    (PER DOSE)
    3.5K — 6in1
    (PER SHOT)



  3. Hmm… I believe my rotavirus didn’t cost me that much. I believe it was about 1K – 2K each dose… I think it was the Pentaxim that costed me a fortune. LOL!

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