Labeling The Classroom

When you work in a classroom, especially with younger students, you might find that labels are a way to help in teaching. You can print labels for almost anything, and they can be designed with the children at heart. Use cartoon characters that they enjoy seeing or characters in a book that you are reading in class. The best thing about labels is that you can cover the old ones with something new as you go through the school year.

classroom labels

Label the book bins so that students know of the reading levels of the books they want to read. The bins can also be labeled for the supplies that are needed in the room, such as crayons, paint, scissors and paper. When students bring supplies in at the beginning of the year, you can label everything so that the items don’t get lost. This also prevents arguments that might arise between students who think that someone else has their materials. Cubbies can be labeled with each student’s name so that they know where to put their hats, book bags and coats. The classroom is a large space where you can make sure everything that students need to know about has a name simply by putting a sticker on the item. Click here for label designs.

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