Keeping an Open Mind: Raising Kind and Tolerant Children

Today’s headlines are plagued with negative stories about people who’re different than the norm. Many children see these stories, and they build a level of intolerance that follows them into adulthood. It’s important to raise children with an open mind. Consider these aspects of childhood that can be geared toward a more tolerant community.

Lead by Example

Using stereotypes or derogatory language around your children will teach them bad habits. Lead by example by being tolerant of other people. Be kind to others who’re different than you. A good friend can be made when you just have a smile on your face.

Understand Other Cultures

Learning about other cultures creates tolerance at any age. Enroll in a class that teaches languages or information about a certain country, such as the John School. When you familiarize yourself with a culture, it doesn’t appear alien anymore. You learn tolerance as a result. Children can benefit from this type of schooling, so look for classes that can immerse their minds.

Keep up With Current Events

A great teaching tool is the events swirling around the news right now. History is being made as the government discusses changes and improvements. You have a right to protest or applaud the government’s actions. Watch the news, participate in community meetings and bring your children up to speed. When they see your efforts, they might apply them to their life with tolerance as a common thread.

Volunteer Your Time

It’s easy to fall into a pattern where you live in your own little bubble. Intolerance is built there. Volunteer your time with less fortunate people. Bring your children to help. A homeless shelter is a perfect place to teach your children about giving. These people simply need a helping hand while they pull themselves out of a tough situation.

You can’t change the world, but you can improve your immediate surroundings by being kind to others. Reach out to a neighbor, and extend a helping hand. One action can change the course of life in a second.

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