Keep Ticks and Mosquitoes Away from Your Family

Ticks and mosquitoes can be dangerous pests that find a home in your backyard. They carry serious blood-borne diseases for humans as well as pets. However, you don’t need to tolerate these pests if you take certain precautions.

Preventing Ticks

• If you live near a wooded area and sometimes are visited by deer or coyotes, you can reduce the ticks that enter your yard by keeping out these animals. Ticks travel on mammals, so it’s good to keep larger animals away.

• If you have a stack of wood outside for the long winter nights, it should be stacked neatly in a dry location. Stacked wood, brush and dead leaves all provide a moist location for ticks to breed.

• Children shouldn’t play in areas where there is tall grass or a lot of trees. Ticks can cling to their clothing and you won’t see them until it’s too late.

• Ticks also like to live under bird feeders. If you clean it regularly, ticks won’t be attracted.

• If you have been hiking or playing outdoors where there may be ticks, be sure to check your body and clothing when you get home. Ticks like to feed under arms, at the hairline and all over. They should be removed carefully with tweezers and not squeezed. This could cause the tick to spit on the attachment point and pass disease.

• Professionals can use tick tubes and barrier sprays that are efficient at keeping ticks away and are environmentally-friendly.

Preventing Mosquitoes

If you live in an area where mosquitoes breed, you may need to wear mosquito repellant just to go outdoors during warm summer evenings. This may be fine once in a while, but is not a permanent solution to the problem. Professionals can install misting systems for mosquitoes around your yard that automatically release a 30-second spray two to four times per day that repels or kills mosquitoes and ticks in all the treated areas.

These systems are inconspicuously placed around the garden and can be turned on and off by remote control if you want more or less spraying. There are also all-natural solutions available made from essential oils.

When help is easily available and inexpensive, why take chances with your family and friends. You can avoid bites and diseases by making your yard unattractive to pests and inviting to people.

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