Just a Random Weekend


Means days off. YAY!
Means Gossip Girl galore.
Means gaming galore.
Means blogging galore.
Means Julie galore.
Means sleep galore.
Means TV galore.
Means aircon galore.
Means Facebook galore.
Means downloading galore.
Means missing you galore.
Means eating a lot. ARGH!
Means I need weight loss product fast!
But at least I would go to gym every Monday shift (which is Tuesday morning).
Dance and burn those fatty food.
Blasted… I’m not thinking straight.
I want to eat fish and chips now.

Ohhh! It’s Sex and the City in HBO later! Can’t wait! Yipee! Okay. Enough.

2 Replies to “Just a Random Weekend”

  1. Cute post! I need a weight loss product, but I need one that can take about 100 pounds off in like… 5 minutes.

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