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Job Is Stressful…

March 19, 2008

Let’s just say that not all jobs are stressful but most are, especially when you need to reach a certain quota to be able to continue your contract. I personally am a bit stressed but I’m actually motivated by the quota that I’m required to reach. I guess this quota makes me work extra hard, not only that, I get commission for every unit sold. So this is one of my motivation.

My job as a Junior Property Consultant is a bit tedious because I need to review a lot for the product knowledge. I also need to build up my confidence to talk to clients, and give out flyers to prospects. But I’m confident enough to say that my previous confidence level of 2 out of 10 became around 7 out of 10! I believe that that’s a great improvement! I even have the guts to call people through phone just to give an invitation to our showroom! Now that’s something!

Another motivation is my family, of course. I need the job and money for them. I want a bright future for my baby Julie. I do not want her to live in awe that’s why I’m working hard.

Anyways, this is just a little update of my life right now. I don’t have work tomorrow (Wednesday) and on Thursday due to Holy Week, but tomorrow we (my family and my relatives) will be visiting my hubby’s family in Batangas and have a short vacation there, SWIMMING TIME! YEY!!! Picture Galore! WEEEE!!!!

So that’s it! 😀

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