It’s Time to Get the Pool Ready for a Summer of Fun

Temperatures are starting to climb and everyone is looking for a cool place to hang out. Your back yard is the perfect spot to install or get your existing pool up and running. You won’t regret the modest expense when you see your family having the best summer ever without breaking a sweat.

Pool Maintenance and Repair

You need to have your pool and pool components looked over for operational soundness before spending huge amounts of money it with filling water. Parts can wear over the course of a season and you might not realize it until it’s time to get it up and running again.

Above Ground Pool Replacement

Has your above ground pool seen better days? Improper storage or severe storms over the winter months can take a toll on your pool. You can get a replacement at affordable rates and have it installed in time to enjoy all summer long. Get one that bigger or has more features that make it less of a maintenance hassle.

Pool Filters and Chemicals

Replacement filters are necessary to help keep your pool free from small floating debris. You need chemicals to keep down the growth of mold and bacteria, which can cloud the look of the water and make it unsafe to swim. Testing kits will help you determine if the chemical balance is right at all times.

Pool Cleaning Supplies

Nets to skim the surface for objects and debris that falls onto the surface of the pool is the best way to preserve the life of your filter. Leaves, bugs, and other small debris can clog the filter and cause the quality of the water to plummet. You can also purchase scrubbers that help you keep all of the interior surfaces clean.

Make this hot weather season one that’s filled with cool water fun. Seek out the source of affordable and quality pools Pittsburgh area residents enjoy all summer long.

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