It’s Official! I’m A Working Mom Again!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I think I got too drained out and took the day-off. I slept comfortably last night and I woke up pretty early a while ago to help my mom cook our lunch. Anyways, I’ll be starting my training on Monday, 10PM – 6AM (hahaha! OMG! What a shift!). It is a call center job, so I think it is a fair shift.

Starting Monday, I’m officially a working mom (again), even though I would prefer just blogging to earn money for my family, I think with the non-stop increase of the supplies nowadays, it calls for a desperate measure.

I do love to work since I have been a career woman ever since, and I dreamed big when I was a kid. I wanted to be a rich, bright girl, but circumstances change, and I have to go with the flow. So basically, being a working mom also keeps my dream in its lane. I just wish that I don’t do a faulty turn.

I’m excited! – and nervous. >_<

5 Replies to “It’s Official! I’m A Working Mom Again!”

  1. thanks all! ^_^

    @zriz: Yeah, it has weird hours, but my hubby also works as a call center agent so basically, we’ll be having the same schedule. LOL!

    @mommy ruby: Mommy! Naku yang asawa mo naman kasi! Sarap sabunutan! LOL! Don’t worry mommy, you can use naman to look for a job online. ^_^

  2. thanks kat!

    btw, I have the chat account so I don’t really need to talk to people, just pure chatting. ^_^

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