Is Joining Offline MLM / Networking Worth It?


I’ve been venturing into online MLM / networking before, which I was willing to spend for since even though it’s a bit risky to do it online as there are no possibilities to see the people involved, at least the initial cash out is far lesser compared to offline ones.

Before, I joined the egoldcashmaker (not sure if this is still going), an online MLM which only asks $10 for 6 months membership fee, I tried it and were able to gain back what was lost in 2 days… Before that, I also tried the one (forgot the name) which only entails $1 membership fee, so what is Php50 membership fee? So I joined that one as well, and got back my money in a few days. However, due to the unfortunate event, I stopped. :cry: That’s when I started paid posts instead, which I was sure to gain more.

Anyway, about offline networking, me and my hubby tried to join one, however when we got to know its membership fee ( P 12,600) 8O , we were hesitant. So we paid  P 5,000 first, but just right after the next day, we were broke. Seriously, we were not able to buy diapers and vitamins for Julie, and it caused a small fight between me and hubby. Thank GOD when I went to work that same day, my team captain told me that I won a raffle draw and gave me my P 15,000 price. I was really in tears…

After few months of being inactive from the network, I was contacted again, they were hoping that we would rejoin, and pay the remaining P 7,600 in 2 WEEKS, and was even urging me to borrow from others like friends or family just to be able to pay the full membership, honestly, that turned me off, why would they urge me to BORROW MONEY FROM OTHERS TO JOIN THEM?!?!?! At first, I said I’ll try to rejoin, but after talking to my husband, we decided to fully decline.

So what happened to the P 5,000? Well at first they told us that it’s a money back guarantee, but it seems that they are hesitant in giving back our money, I’m guessing because we’ve used the products as well… but isn’t that the point of the “money back guarantee”? If the product did not work, we get our money back? Anyway, I think I’ll just let the P 5,000 go (although it breaks my heart, 5k din yun!), I’ll consider it a lost and a lesson learned…

But honestly, if you are a person who works and gets just enough pay for your family’s expenses, where the hell do you get P 13,600, unless you are already rich enough to pay this?!

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  1. I’ve tried networking once but it didn’t work. the risk involved is high when we’re talking about more than P10,000 membership fee. Although some people have made good money out of this kind of venture, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I wouldn’t get into networking, online or offline, ever again.
    By the way,yeah,I’m open for exchange links.I’m including u in my blogroll right about now.Cheers!

    1. Yep that’s true, some people became millionaires from the networking business. Honestly, I know very well that the company that I’m referring to in this post is legit, and I know the potential return of income, but membership fee is just too much…

  2. Not worth the trouble. This is one of the cause of my ex’s rift. Thinking that the “venture” would lead us to financial stability it only proved that these are plain good marketing but empty promises. It will only work to those who can really con people.

  3. Agree. me and my hubby are not the type of persons who can persuade people in joining MLM’s so I guess it was a good thing we declined early, instead of pressuring ourselves in paying the remaining P7,600. 😐

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