Is Having Business the Key to Success?

While reading an email I got about being a slave to employment, I realized the importance of having your own business, small or large scale business – doesn’t really matter. It got me thinking about our previous “dream business” of owning a computer shop. It was never continued due to financial and schedule conflicts, but somehow, I still have this urge to open one, but I’m having doubts since almost every block has at least one computer shop, and I’m too scared of risking it.

But what if we did continue the business, would I still be working every night – I think the answer is still “Yes” because I’m a workaholic mom. LOL! Seriously speaking though, I think it could have greatly helped us. So maybe we can save up and check out some wholesale computers and get good prices for desktops, but right now, Julie’s birthday is fast approaching!


  • If mag start kayo ng comcafe. 30k priced comp units should serve you well. Sa competition kasi ng comcafe ngayon ang habol lagi is performance. Buying 512mb vid card equipped computers will go for the long run. Just make sure you buy identical units. May shop kasi na iba iba unit mahirap mag maintain ng ganun iba iba bios iba iba drivers.

    Just my two cents.

  • Yan ang dream ko someday…to have my own enterprise…to be my own boss. But for now, dream muna yun, papaka-slave muna ako sa employer ko until I can save enough to start running my own business. 🙂

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