Information Security

I have been working with a company that sells computers and I have been encountering customers looking for security for their systems, not only from virus attacks, even from physical theft of their computer, specifically laptops. Did you know that in the US, laptops are being stolen every 53 seconds, and would result from identity and information theft? That is why a lot of fraud issues are being reported every day. Of course, knowing that information security is important, some universities are focusing on masters information security studies, one of which is The Lewis University Online Master of Science in Information Security.

They offer two concentration choices:
Managerial Concentration
This focuses on info security on business and government and learning strategies for securing information and the influence of laws and public policy on how information is secured.

Technical Concentration
Here is something very interesting. This covers processing systems, secure operating systems, applications, network security, cryptography, security protocols, and other issues that confront those charged with securing information networks.

They offer related courses and if you want to take part, just visit their website at

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