Indoor Playgrounds

All children love and even need to play. Experiencing playground equipment such as swings, ladders, and monkey bars is not only fun, it’s an excellent way to develop hand to eye coordination and provide important exercise for young bodies.

For children who live in apartment complexes, townhouses, or other locations where play space is limited, it may be difficult for them to get the needed amount of playtime and exercise each day. There might not be a playground nearby, or even if there is, it may not be convenient or safe to visit very often. Other problems may arise if it’s an area with a lot of rainy days, or where it’s too cold or even too hot to play outside for long.

There are many fun and constructive things children can do indoors, but it still doesn’t match the enjoyment of an actual playground. With this in mind, companies such as have created solutions in the form of indoor playgrounds.

These playgrounds don’t take up much space to operate. They really only require a free doorway, from which a strong support bar is suspended between the sides of the door frame. The bar can be used both for pull-ups and for holding up the other equipment. There are many possible product options, from swings and trapeze bars to hammocks and even gliders and teeter-totters. There are also special needs swings and other play products that can be used at home or in schools or therapy centers.

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